Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Chicken Nuggets

          Hi Reader^^!  It's been a while since I posted the food things in my blog ^^! Okay, this time is two chicken nuggets. The other time I was eating them both. It tasted like chicken with the new taste at the skin. The meat taste also tasted different than regular fried chicken. It tasted somehow chopped. That time, since I ate two, it gave two times satisfication xD! That's all. Thank you for reading ^^!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sausage with Soy Sauce

          Hello Reader ^^! Back again with food photo again which I ate before ^^! The other time, I ate sausage with soy sauce on it. I added some soy sauce after I fried the sausage by myself. When I ate it, the taste was like sausage with soy sauce, but the blend taste makes it more unique taste. Okay, that's all! Thank you for reading ^^!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nasi Padang : Rice, Ayam Balado, Small Potatoes, Chili, and Cassava Leaves

          Hello Reader ^^! The other time I was eating nasi padang. The combination that time was rice, ayam balado, small potatoes, chili, and cassava leaves. The cassava leaves served as my opening before eating the main dish. The ayam balado tastes spicy but makes me wanted more to eat it because the spicy taste blended well with the chicken taste. The small potatoes gives more potato taste and supported the bite when I ate it with the chicken and the rice.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cornetto: Strawberry Cheesecake

          Hello Reader ^^! The other time I was eating ice cream. That time was Cornetto: Strawberry Cheesecake. The hard chocolate and the peanuts as the disc, gave me a hard delicious bite before eating the main ice cream. The ice cream itself had strawberry taste. When I bit it the disc and the ice cream, it gave more different taste combination.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nasi Padang : Rice, Small Potatoes, Ayam Gulai, Chili, and Cassava Leaves

          Hello Reader ^^! This time I will tell about the food I ate. The other time, I was eating nasi padang which combination is rice, small potatoes, ayam gulai, chili, and cassava leaves. The rice was the main part to satisfy the eating. The small potatoes tasted like regular size potatoes but with the skin with it, it made the taste more unique. For the ayam gulai, it gives unique taste with gulai added with the chicken taste. For the chili, it made things spicy. For the cassava leaves, it could wash out the mouth's taste when eating is done.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sausage with Cheese Powder

          Hello Reader ^^! We back again with food this time. This time I will tell about the sausage with cheese powder which I ate the other time. I fried the sausage by my own. I added the cheese powder to make it tasted like cheese. The taste of the sausage was like chicken because it was made of chicken but it still had different taste than the fried chicken. The cheese powder is really tasted like cheese and had a weird smell. Okay, that's all ^^! See you other time ^^!

Friday, September 2, 2011

McDonald : Sweet 'N Sour Sauce

          Hello Reader ^^! Thank you for being here ^^! This time I post about McDonald : Sweet 'N Sour Sauce which I ate the other time. It was from McDonald too. I got the sauce from purchasing the McNugget 4 PCS. The taste of the sauce was sweet and sour, but the sour taste was more dominant than the sweet taste. Taste better when eaten with McNugget =D. Okay, that's all I can say when I ate McDonald : Sweet 'N Sour Sauce. See you other time ^^!